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Foo Island Treasure Map
Directions to Davey Jones' Locker (aka Kennilworth Island)

  • Take Hwy. 400/69 north to Parry Sound.

  • Continue on Hwy. 69 past Parry Sound to Pointe au Baril (about 20 mins.)

  • About 1km past Pointe au Baril Station on Hwy 69, turn left on Hwy. 529 (North to Bayfield Inlet)

  • There will be signs on Hwy. 69 for Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park and Sturgeon Bay Marine.

  • Continue on Hwy. 529 about 5km to a left turn on Rattlebear Drive to Sturgeon Bay Marine (a known pirate hangout). This road is the next driveway on left past the provincial park. (Don't go to the park and get lost or your wife will say, "ask for directions", which is embarassing for all pirates.)

Park behind the Marina and then call the Foo Island land line at 705-366-5661. The Foo Island 'Black Pearl' will be dispatched to pick you up. Be prepared to board her with cutlasses drawn (and your bed linens and grog, remember).

Once you are on Foo Island there is no return. Only the survivors will return!

Arrival Time: Friday, Aug. 8, 2008, anytime after noon onwards.

Departure Time: Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008, anytime after noon onwards.

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