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Captain Steve says...

Shiver yer timbers up to the Georgian Main for a weekend of pirate debauchery... or something close to it. The island complex is all fitted out and correct - for the pack of reprobates and mangy deck hands ye be - but don't let that stop ye. And remember to haul up yer own rum.

Wench Ann-Marie is drawin' up the meal list and nailing it to the missenmast, so get yer dibs in now for providin' an evenin' meal of skewered pelican, or a lunch time gobble of wild pig pie. Ah'd suggest summat fer breakin' yer fast, but us pirates never get up that early. Fer thoze uh ye who does, try a fried parrot's egg or two and a dram of screech! Ahaaaarrrrr!

The Foo Main